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RecordThisNow 1.10

RecordThisNow 1.10

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RecordThisNow Publisher's Description

 Current Version: 1.10
 Release Date: May, 2006
 Price: €12 ($14 Approx.)

RecordThisNow has only one function, it records the sounds that your computer sends to your speakers. Any sound, from any source, without fuz. Click the red button and all you hear is send to a file on your hard disk. So the next time you are listen to a radio show and need to take care of something, just sace the rest of the show on disk and listen to it later. Or listen to it on your MP3 player while going home. As with all products of FuzLez, use of the product is extremely simple. The code has to be clever, the user should really need no manual to use the product. But if you are undecided, you can have a look at the manual, it explains all functions and has a lot more images, Click here to open the manual.

The product can be used before paying for it, to see if it suits your needs. The only limitation is that we'll insert as reminder to register every 60 seconds in the recording. When you buy a serial code to unlock the full product you just need to insert it in the product. So why don't you click the Download button on the right and see how it works? If you don't like it the de-installer will remove the full product, leaving nothing behind.

  • Will store files in uncompressed WAV format or in user selectable MP3 compression.
  • Can record any kind of sound, even from games.
  • Can be started with Windows and will rest in your System Tray until you need it.
  • When minimized, RTN uses very little memory and almost no CPU resources.
  • Includes warnings when the media used to store files is nearly full.
  • Calibration is fully automatic.

Possible use for the product

Recording radio shows
When you like to listen to your favorite online radio show, just record it and send it to you MP3 player so you can listen to it enroute.

Creating unprotected versions of protected music.
These days a lot of the music you buy online is protected in some form that prevents you to use the music in other ways (like in another MP3 player). Now in many countries it is actually illegal to break this protection, but nothing prevents you from recording what you hear. You can store the music directly in compressed (MP3) format. The music will not be an exact digital copy, but certainly good enough for a MP3 formatted file! (of course, these copies are for your personal use, not to share with others).

Recording the music of games
Often you play a game and enjoy the music a lot, won’t it be nice to store that music as a simple file? Or how about making your own sound track using samples from games? Again, making the recording is simple, start the recorder and it will record what you hear. Or if you are a games designer and want to record what is actually heard by the customer, RTN will records what the customer will hear. Again music in commercial games is copyrighted and you should not share it.

Create audio tracks for presentations
Everybody who created a presentation that needed to show a program knows how hard it is to make a movie of the product. But how about just making the screenshots and adding the sounds as a simple to insert (and create) sound bites? Just use the product you like to show with RTN recording what you hear!

Updating from a previous version
Updating from an older version to the latest is always simple, just download and install the newest version without removing the previous version. Simple as that.
Version 1.10 solves a few issues on startup and it is recommended update for all users.

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